The Fried Pickle


HI, I’m the nice pickle in the jar in aisle ten at Coles, I’ve been stocked for about 2 days. I’m joined by my pal, Stephen. He’s in with me on our plan to get out of the jar.
Stephen yelled,” People, take us.”
“Hey Daniel,” The dad of the kid right in front of the two. “Get that pickle jar.”  Then, Daniel took the jar and left.

So they walked off with Stephen and the pickle yet to be named were SCREAMING of joy! Soon the kid, Daniel, was about to eat Stephen’s dad. Roy. “Arggghh!” Roy yelled. Half of him is gone. Finito.
“R.I.P!” Stephen says sadly.

Anyway, the pickle who is not yet to be named name is, don… don…. Don…. Spencer!

So, now Spencer and Stephen are about to steal a jet, and escape to Mexico!




“But, if we’re going to Mexico, we’re in Ascot Vale, just outside of a random house!” Stephen exclaimed.
“I’ve got another plan!” Spencer replied.

So, basically, plan two is:
1. Go to the airport, steal a jet
2. Kill the pilot and the passenger
3. Fly to South America

The two were lucky because a cab pulled up in front of them, plus they can chit chat about the plan on the way.

“We’ll need to attack the police that actually have weapons.” Spencers tells Stephen.
“Okay.” Stephen replied.

Right away they walk in and the see the police, they capture the police guns and walk off in silence.
Then Crazy music plays!

Now to passengers are about to enter the jet.

“HOLY MOLY!” Stephen yelled. “Donald Trump!”

“Oh, well that’s bad.” Spencer whispered.

Stephen pulled out his MI80 and shot Donald Trump!



Donald Trump’s been shot! We have Brandon Goldbum. “Yeah thanks Chris, we have lost our president, Mr Trump, but no further news.”

Back to the scene
“Kill the pilot…… BAM!” Spencer yelled while a shot was held.
“Err… I just killed Donald trump.” Stephen said quietly.

But 22 hours later………………………………………………………………………………………….

As soon as they get to Mexico they ask, “Why are we here in Mexico?” Stephen asked.

“To get away from the pickle lovers!” Spencer replied.

“Should we get going?” Stephen asked.
“We should go under the bridge in Maribyrnong.” Spencer exclaimed.

So the pair wait 14 hours, and finally are a minute AWAY then Spencer yelled,”G-G-GO DOWN!”

they smash.


“YEAH!” “Just watch out for those pickle loves!”


Whink, whink!



Part two coming soon.



Holiday to Greece!

By Giorgio

Okay so, on the 13th of August, at 6.00 PM we left from our house to go to the Melbourne Airport. When we got out of the cab, we headed to the Qatar Airport section and checked out our bags.Then, we went over to Nandos to get a meal a couple of hours before to flight. Well I don’t want to talk about all the security stuff. Then we went to the waiting area to board our flight, 15, 20 minutes later we boarded our flight for 13 hours. On the plane there were screens, pillows and blankets. But for half of the time I slept.

13 long…. Boring hours later

We finally arrive in Doha, in Qatar!








The Deadly Apes!

Charlie Rollins lived in a posh castle, in a suburb in England, on a street called Pottins Ave. He was originally from Morocco, ebut moved because of war. In Morocco, they had dirham, Moroccan dirham, which is Moroccan currency. It’s weak, compared to Australian dollars.


As they made to their designated point, they had no money. May’be a week or so in England they won so many scratchcards, they won up to £5 million just on scratchcards. Ever since then the family have been living in a mansion. They bought their neighbours, just like the Kardashians, they bought their neighbours property. When they bought the house, um.. this might sound weird but it’s invested with apes. They’re dangerous and massive, just like the teddy bear at Qatar airport.

Getting in the house was a fun part, with the monkeys going like,”OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Ten years later….”OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

Sorry about the inconvenience….

For the last time show me the damn house!” The wife of the owners house says.                                                                       “Yep, Okay.” The real estate agent Frank exclaims.                                                                                                                      Well after that scene they showed them the massive mansion, half an hour later the real estate agent leaves and the house is all to themselves. Well we already have some trouble. “Massive apes incoming!” The son of the owners yells.

So, let’s think about it, 291 x 94 = 27354. Basically 27354 apes charging at them right now. run.


After, 21 minutes and 11 seconds they’re free.

“Now, we’re homeless.”  The kid says disappointed. “We should move, we live under a bridge when it’s like 1 degree Celsius.”

The a light bulb pops up in the air. “WAIT!” The child exclaims. “We should just sue them.”                                                        “Oh yeah.”

1 sue scene later……..

“I sue you, you, you prawn dumpling.”  The owner who used to be an owner says.                                                                     “Well, you’re a pork dumpling.” The real estate agent BoBby says it’s pronounced bo-by.

“ATTACK you random people I found on tinder!” BoBby yells.



I’m sorry but I’m gonna have to leave you on a cliff hanger………………………  Bye.

Coming soon past October tenth. Plus new stories coming


KFC Drumstick Productions



Prefixes – Un

Unforgettable – Something that is unforgettable

Unbelievable – Not able to be believed

Uncool- Someone who is not cool

Undefeated – Someone or a team who has not lost a match or an occasion

Unaware- Having no knowledge of the rules or a fact

Unable – Lacking the skill of a sport (That’s an example)

Unafraid – When your not scared of something




By Giorgio and Damien


The Stupid Pirate!


Oh, I’m sorry about the loud noise, it was just my anchor. So, I’m Rob. A.K.A Captain Cook. Well not really, but! I’m actually breaking the law, since I haven’t got my boat license. So I shouldn’t be on this boat with my drunk Friend Sebastian, he’s steering the wheel like crazy. SWOOSH SWOOSH!

“No SEBASTIAN!” I yell towards him. “We need to get in the submarine!”                                                                                    “Oh,” Sebastian whispers. “Well, now I guess we have to do a u-wi.”


“NOOOOOOOOOOO!” Rob yells. “YOU IMBECILE, You smashed right into the pier!”

So the boys ended up renting a new boat or a jetski. As they buy the jetski, the dealership owner says,” 211 dollars.” So this guy was like Mexican or something. I Think he had a sort of Pablo Escobar type of back round, so I had a suspicion.

“Wow, JUST WOW!” Rob yells. “You smashed right into the ICEBERG, now we’re sinking.” “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!”                “When you try your best bet you don’t succeed!” Sebastian sings.

30 LONG seconds later…….

Then the cargo ships HONKS right inside of Robs ear, well I ended up in hospital after the incident happened. Yep, they’re serving me hot ice cream, like what the heck! At least put it inside the freezer. Why do they hire these people? As we speak, he’s currently having an ear operation. Back to the story…

“Head towards the ladder!” Sebastian yells, while they’re sinking.

They hop on the boat, a cargo boat, do the people who sail this thing like this ‘cringe’ music. I’ll list some of this music for you:                                                                                                                                                                                                 Um… Justin Beiber, what a complete dumb dumb. Forget about what we are speaking about……………………………..

They finally arrive in Bundoora, Rob yells TAXI… And a couple of minutes later they arrive at Box St. Then Rob takes a nap and finds hermit crabs in his pillow case! “SEBASTIAN!” Rob yells.                                                                                             Then Sebastian starts laughing.











Why do Earthquakes Occur

Earthquakes Occur?

By Giorgio Roubos


What is an Earthquake?


An earthquake is the shaking on the earth’s surface, and they are one of these

Earth’s natural disasters.







        This is what happens when an earthquake happens




How is an earthquake caused?

Earthquakes are usually caused when a rock (underground) breaks along a fault. They could also be caused by tectonic movements in the Earth’s crust. The main part of that is when tectonic plates collide, one goes over another. A fault is a thin zone of crushed rocks separating blocks of the Earth’s crust.


Where do Earthquakes occur?

Earthquakes can strike anytime, anywhere. But history shows they occur in the same general patterns year after year. The most powerful earthquake was the 9.5 magnitude valvida that struck Chile in 1960.


Where do Earthquakes frequently occur?

Earthquakes occur all over the world. Most earthquakes occur along the edge of the oceanic and continental plates. The Earth’s crust (the layer of the planet) is made up of several pieces, called plates.


These were some of MINDBLOWING facts about earthquakes and how they occur!


Giorgio Roubos


How Do Earthquakes Occur-1kouwff



Chelsea football club is a professional Soccer or Football club in London, England.


Starting 11 {XI}

LW: Hazard                                             ST: Giroud                                                          RW: Willian


CM: Fabregas                                                                                                                  CM: Bakayoko

CDM: Kante


LB: Alonso                              CB: Rudiger                     CB: Luiz                                    RB: Moses


GK: Coutrois

Formation 4-3-3 {Defence}

Substitutes: Cabellero, Zappacosta Morata, Loftus- Cheek and Cahill

Coach: Antonio Conte



Image result for chelsea logo 2018


Chelsea FC started in 1905 way after all the other teams E.G:

Liverpool and Manchester United {Man Spew}


Best Midfielders: Salah, De Bruyne and Robben

Best Strikers: Crespo, Guulit, Drodba and Hazard {or Hazardous, because you can’t go near him}

Best Defenders: Cole and Luiz

Best Keeper: Cech and Coutrois


History {Best Transfers}


Eden Hazard- Losc Lille- Chelsea

Oliver Giroud- Arsenal-Chelsea

Davide Zappacosta-Torino- Chelsea

N’golo Kante – Leicester

Possible Transfers

Ronaldo- Real – Chelsea

Bale – Real – Chelsea

Aubemeyang – Arsenal – Chelsea

Sanchez – Arsenal – Chelsea




Kante might leave Chelsea for Paris Saint


By Giorgio {A.K.A Eden Hazard} and Hamish {A.K.A N’golo Kante}


The Dumb Remote!


By Giorgio Roubos

Boink! Your properly thinking, why’s a pig in this story? Oh hell nah. Well Albert Einstein, oink is what a pig says. Rolled ya. Yep. But meet, Jacob. Jacob’s average, but a great footy player. Well, he wants to go to Japan, but he can’t afford it, BUMMER. Well one morning, he saw an ad for like, I don’t know Harvey Norman, it was a miracle! Teleporter for $19.99!


“What a rip off!” Jacob yells.


He got off the couch, (lazy boy) and pulled out 20 dollars, he sprints over to Harvey Norman.


“Yeah, wassup, um I heard about this teleporter thing, I need it.” Jacob exclaims.

I see,the teleporter for, $10.999?” He questions Jacob.

“I must’ve read it wrong.” Jacob sobs. “I only have 20 bucks!”

“We have a remote for 20 bucks, retail price $140. The guy says.

“I’ll take it. Jacob says sadly.


One transaction later………………………………………………………


Well, Jacob bought the remote, little did he know the remote has super powers, it can take you the any of the 195 countries in the world. So if you think about it, it’s kind of dramatic, but it’s not.

Some steps:

1: Type in your destination

2: If it’s like an origin, it detects it.

3: It is a tricky machine, cough, cough remote.


“Well it’s not bad.” He mumbles. “It’s got YouTube, but I’m stressed so I guess I need to listen to some music, let’s see Japanese……. WOAHHHHHHH!”


All of a sudden, Jacob gets transported to some mysterious universe. He hears a person talking, “Make sure you try out my outstanding gyoza, 4 Pack, ten dollars!” The lady at the McDonalds says.

“Well, god knows what maccas put inside of the dishes, in this universe.”  He acts like he’s blown away.

“Okay, so let’s see what universe we’re in, and you can say, I’m not in Coburg. He continues to wonder around.

The only thing Jacob saw in this mysterious area was dumpling and gyoza shops, well there was no dominos, no pizza hut or no DOC! DON DON DEN! He still had the remote in his hands.


“Well it’s getting dark, I guess I should just book a hotel.” Jacob explains.


Well the bad thing was, he didn’t have any money, SADLY! He had to come up with a plan…………….



Across the road there was an, let me just explain something, there is no ANZ there is JNZ. Not the aussie version, the Japanese bank or version. It was packed. So he go passed everyone, he managed to get 1 billion dollars! CHA CHING! Jacob took the money, and threw it everywhere, and got a 5 star hotel, he topped it off with nandos, but with sushi. 2 minutes later he got it. Pre made though.He went back to the hotel with an uber. Then he listened to some relaxing music on YouTube.


“Spanish… whoa,” Jacob yells. But yet again he transported to Spain.

“Cual es tu comida favorita? The guy questions Jacob.

“Well, I’m gonna have to cope.” He thought. “Que?”

“Te gusta el futbol?” The guy replies in Spanish.

“Si!” Jacob answers.

“Te gusta Messi y Ronaldo?” He says.
“Si, Esta bien adios!” Jacob says as he walks away. “Phew.”


He goes to buy some MELONS!

“Un dolar per favor!” the lady says.

Jacob hands over the many to the lady and walks off to book ‘Gran Platano’ which is Grand Banana if you’re not sure. Then Jacob walks right into Rafael Nadal.


“Rafael, puedo por favor tener un autographo?” Jacob pleases. “Soy an gran fan.”


Jacob walks away to Gran Platano with a signature.

“Let’s see Aussie… WOAH!”

Well there you have it, he lands on his bed, and takes a nap.





Sharks are one of the most biggest fish in all of the seven seas, the scientific name is Selachimorpha.



The lifespan of any normal shark is 20 – 30 years max.



The habitat of a sharks is deep sea or the middle of the ocean.



A shark’s diet is fish that are smaller than the shark, but it depends what shark it is.



Here are some of the sharks predators:



Other large species


Did you know?

Sharks predate the dinosaur by 200 million years. The largest known species are e.g.



Lower classifications:

Hammerhead, swordfish, wobbegong and the sand shark, etc.


Higher Classifications:

Megalodon and the great white


Thank you for reading my information report!


Giorgio Roubos


Kiddos Who Turned Into a Freddo Frog and a Banana!

Today, Giorgio and Hamish learnt a new word STAHAFANA (it meant beg.)

“That was easy and boring, I really felt like sleeping” Hamish says “let’s go eat lunch.”




“Eww.” Giorgio says “I am not eating that.”

“Well it’s worth a shot” says Hamish

1 hour later…



“I told you don’t eat it.”

1 car ride later…

“You’ll be fine.” nurse whispers. Then… “CHIMBA-LOUSHI!” Giorgio screams.

“Hi.” “I bought you a present.” Said Giorgio “A MY LITTLE PONY DOLL.”

“I could really use it, but why aren’t you looking at me.” Hamish asked

“Because YOU’RE A FREDDO FROG.” Say’s Giorgio

“Well.” Hamish whispers “YOU’RE A BANANA!” Hamish jumps on the bed and starts dancing “because I’m happy.” Sing’s Hamish

“Banana powers and Austin powers” Giorgio sing’s “lets goooo”


(Dramatic music starts playing.)


They both walk in then the lunch ladies are cooking with poison. Hamish comes in and headlocks one with a fishing rod. Then Giorgio becomes a Rhino and pokes one in the belly button and knocks them out. Then they die!


“Now, let’s go.” said Hamish

“No” said Giorgio

“Okay” said Hamish

We saved the day!

“Gulp” a koala eats Hamish and Giorgio.

Then Damien the Carmelo koala uses his powers to revive them.

“Just gimme 15” said Damien

“Done.” Said Damien

“Thanks’” said Hamish

“Now let’s go!” yells Giorgio

“Let’s…a kid FREEZE” Damien whispers

“Ooh,” the kid says. “Yummy!” “Gulp.”

That was the end for those three.